Thursday, July 7, 2011

To New Beginnings...

Journaling has never been one of my strong points. As you can see, I started this blog when I moved to Arkansas with only a few posts. Almost four years have passed...and I am still here. Looks like Arkansas is home. (I can't believe I just typed that sentence.) I hope that over the next year my blog will be more relevant than it has in the past three years. This means I will only need to post four more times this year. :-) Let's see where this journey takes us...
I have been researching social media and how it is effecting our everyday life. By teaching conferences I have been challenged to understand my topic and how it effects my life. Please share how you use social media in your everyday life.
In you opinion, what is the best way for someone to use social media within the context of Christian ministry?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Christmas has come and gone. This time was great to see family and two new nephews who were added to the family the week of Thanksgiving. For the first time in the eight years in which I have not lived near my family, I felt like I needed to be closer. Christmas was a great time to spend some extended getting to know Darnell and Xavian and then playing with 18 month old Dante.

However, I found myself wanting to get back to my everyday life, my friends and my own bed. A couple times I would like about when I get back HOME. Stopping to think about where is HOME for me, I came to the conclusion that I have found my HOME in Arkansas. So if I don't ever cheer for the Razorbacks, I am now calling Arkansas HOME. (I will always cheer for any SEC time till they play LSU.) This year, I am excited about my new HOME and the future it holds for me.

Welcome HOME.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lakes and so much more...

Over the past few months I have learned to watch for where the locals go to eat. This past weekend was spent in Northwest Arkansas in Springdale. After a day of training, a new found friend took a group of us on her boat. We went out on the Beaver lake. The day was perfect, clear, and not so hot while the water was great. After swimming (a.k.a. floating) we headed back in to the marina. Being in Arkansas for about nine months, this was a first for me to be out on the lake. Now I know that I need to remember to bring my fishing pole next time. (Fishing is another story for another time.) Thanks to my Springdale friends for the fun and laughs.

Our next stop included T and T, burger place. I recommend the burger with or without cheese. If you are in the area check it out.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Highway 7

The schedule is building with many trips to come. Today was a day filled with great driving weather and wide open spaces, well road space for my car to travel. As I headed to Jasper, Arkansas the interstate laid out plenty of room. However the interstate does
not always lead to one's destination. Highway 7 swerves and curves around the Ozark Mountains. I am going to let you in on a secret, it is hard to drive and watch the scenery. I was warned about Highway 7, but did not take heed till the highway became a curvy, mountainous road. At two points of the journey, we were shown the road became an one lane highway.

If you want a place to get away from the city or to take in a gander head into the Ozark Mountains. In the middle of the mountains, Jasper is a town filled with many adventures from hiking up mountains, floating down the river, exploring discovered caves, and looking for the newest antiques. Log Cabins, Bed & Breakfast inns, and hotels provide a quite get-a-way for the stay. The Buffalo River flows through and creates great floating opportunities, from what I hear. Here are a few pictures I have from today's trip. Enjoy.

Monday, March 3, 2008

On The Road Again

In my line of work, I travel around Arkansas meeting people, people from a city background to people who live in wide open spaces. The past few months my journey has crossed from the northwest and north central parts of Arkansas to Pine Bluff. As the road trips continue, stories and the greatest hole in the wall places will emerge. Hopefully, this space becomes ideas for place to see, eat, and do around Arkansas along with a log of my personal journey through words and pictures. Stay turned for the adventure to come.